Xela Rederm

Xela Rederm

What is Xela Rederm?

Xela Rederm is a redermalization unlike other rejuvenation procedures, it works in 3 directions to
1) help regulation of biochemical processes in cells
2) Restore water balance
3) Contributes in active blocking of free radicals.

The triple effect is achieved by using double synergic effect technology, resulting from two components in the product
High molecular weight hyaluronic acid and succinic acid.

The Xela rederm product is unique in the fact no other biorevitalisation treatment currently on the market uses succinic acid and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid within the product, its this combination that gives the best possible results.

The products allow you to treat a number if skin types and concerns for example

⭐ 1.1% and Electri are amazing for someone suffering from rosacea, acne, broken capillaries
⭐ 1.1% is also fantastic for dark circles, puffiness as it helps lymphatic drainage, strengthens capillaries, hair loss
⭐ 1.8% great for fine fines, crepey appearance to the skin, due to dehydration, hair loss, hyperpigmentation
⭐ 2.2% is amazing for giving the face a lift, can be used in the lips for any clients that feel they have lost the rosy colour.

Xela Rederm products can also be used to improve the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, can be used on the hands and also hair loss.

It's wonderful to be able to offer such a fantastic product range.

They are sold in 1ml or 2ml boxes.

⭐ 1ml is ideal for treating under the eye, targeting any pigmentation areas, smokers lines.

⭐ 2ml allows you to treat the face and neck or neck and décolleté.

Products vary for each individual client you will used a combination of the Xela Rederm range allow you most amazing results.

We would recommend starting with xela rederm 1.1% for each of your clients facial treatments.

For hair loss Xela Rederm 1.1% or 1.8% can be used, we recommend 1.8% if the scalp area seems dry. A min of 7 treatments 14 days apart is required.

For more information please take a look at this presentation Xela Rederm