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  • Description

    Anti-aging spray for improving skin’s moisture levels

    Spray made with hyaluronic and succinic acids. Ensures pleasant and effective skin rejuvenation: moisturization, toning, improvement of the skin color and texture. When sprayed on cleansed skin, it exerts a toning and rejuvenating effect. Using Daily DeLux after applying skin cream, serum or fluid will enhance their effect.


    1. Dim, “unhealthy” complexion
    2. Tired “city skin”
    3. Dehydrated skin
    4. Wrinkles
    5. Dryness and flaking


    • Quickly and visibly rejuvenates skin
    • Provides intensive hydration
    • Promotes even skin tone and texture
    • Enhances effectiveness of other ingredients applied beforehand

    The result is individual and depends on the physiological characteristics of the organism of a particular person.


    Owing to the formula containing moisturizing hyaluronic acid and extra nutrient succinic acid, the spray produces a rejuvenating effect and the skin is saturated with oxygen and beneficial substances.

    This product is used as a standalone treatment that perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

    Using Daily DeLux after applying skin cream, serum or fluid will enhance their effect.


    • Daily Delux is a moisturizing spray formulated with a special blend of acids designed to enhance the cosmetic effect of skincare ingredients applied beforehand
    • HYALURONIC ACID helps restore natural moisture to skin
    • SUCCINIC ACID (sodium succinate) has powerful antioxidant effects and improves microcirculation
    • WATER restores lost moisture to dry skin
    • Activate the neocollagenesis process (increasing skin strength and elasticity)
    • Ensures delivery of the active ingredient into the dermis
    • Perfoskin Prederm - a 5 ml pre-filled syringe. Perfoskin Prederm contains 0.55% hyaluronic acid and 1.6 % amber acid.

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