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  • Description

    Lipo lab ppc solution, the Natural Fat melter

    Lipo lab ppc solution offers many benefits towards weight loss.
    Here's some ways how it can help:
    • Reduces the storage of fat
    • Increases your metabolism
    • Gives you increased energy

    LIPO LAB is a product for melting subcutaneous fat. LIPO LAB is safe and effective. The treatment of subcutaneous fat with LIPO LAB PPC is done at 10-day interval.
    Lipo Lab has been developed in order to care the body more easily and quickly by selecting raw materials made in Germany which is known for safety, effectiveness and the best purity of 99.8%.
    Lipo Lab was designed in order to solve a problem in package due to the product's going bad and to save trouble to keep it refrigerated when storing the products by performing aseptic processing under 1,000 of atmospheric pressure of higher and gamma sterilization, and to be used conveniently and safely by thoroughly blocking infection by virus.

    Raw material:

    1. Phosphatidylcholine: purity: 99.8% Made in Germany
    2. Sodium Deoxycholate: purity: 98% Made in Japan

    Not Suitable For :
    Breast feeder.
    Allergy to peas &beans
    Pregnant woman
    Patients with heart disease
    Patients of diabetes
    Patients of cancer
    Patients of stroke &arteriosclerosis

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